marcus Sjöholm
digital designer.

case dive – photoshop manipulation.

concept / design
Marcus Sjöholm
Ps / Ai
fictional project
brief summary.
Create a logo, banner or ad for a bevrage company called "Joy"
Iphone 11 showing my photoshop manipulation. A bottle of glacier water splashing in a partly frozen lake in purple to orange gradient. Mountains in the bakground with a over size moon. Foreground showing a bridge that goes straight towards the bottle.

My logo for fictional company Joy

Image showing two versions of the manipulation, one with copy saying, the upside of global warming at the top and has the joy logo at the bottom with the phrase glacier mountain water under, the other one is without text.

case summary.

This school project was right up my alley. I've done a few of these before when I was working with nightclub promotion.

When we got the brief I immediately thought about water. Since the name of the company was "Joy" I felt that I wanted movement and happiness to play a big role in the final image. The logo is based on squares which makes it work on all platforms and devices. It also holds the shape of a mountain and is, therefore, the perfect logo for this glacier water company (that is made up).

The manipulation itself went quite fast the hard part was finding images to work with. Especially for the water. But as you can see the result turned out quite nicely. And yes, the copy is just a bad joke, don't forget to have some fun guys :)

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