marcus Sjöholm
digital designer.

case dive – lacus & luci.

concept / design / ux
Marcus Sjöholm &
Olov Svedjeland
Ps / Ai / Figma
fictional Project
brief summary.
Create something, anything, that can change the way we experience color in the future.
computer showing header on Lacus & Luci landing site with hero image of an high end market house using color tinted windows
computer showing an article example on the lacus & luci website. first a black rectangle covering the top part of the screen with white text and then two columns with dark grey text with open spacec between the headings.
computer showing the moodboard of lacus & luci. lamborghini dealsership websites, rolex watches, high-end headphones and boxes with colour. two blue tones, one orange and one brown all with low saturation and a 4 boxes with the first two containing black and white and the other two shades of grey
logo for the company figma

View prototype in Figma

case summary.

We started with just one word, color, and ended up with Lacus and Luci. A window design company that creates tinted windows. Any color you want, without visible films.

Both me and Olov wanted to create something "high-end", luxurious and maybe a bit pretentious as well. We started looking at a lot of high-end brands to see how they tell their story and how they look on the web, in ads, etc. We moved forward combining the things we liked and started composing our brand, Lacus & Luci (which is a playful usage of our last names).

With the luxurious, dark imagery and the help of amazing architecture, "Pretiosa Speculo" (which is Latin for "expensive glass"), is very hard to miss when entering the site

Since we had a limited time, not all pages have content but you understand the site and the vibe that comes with it. We're very happy with how this project came out and if you're making this kind of window tinting tech and need a perfect-fit website, hit us up!

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